La petite robe noire- review at first sign


I want to have a sample of “La petit robe noire” ( The little black dress in English) because I have a lot of black dresses. I think it would be cool if I wear it with one of my black dress 😛 (By the way, every girl need at least one black- classic- little dress, I think it is very true :P)

It smells like Lolita Lempika EDP for the first second, but after just a minute it turn to smell like Angel from Thierry Mugler, with a strong smell of patchouli (which is nice for those who like the patchouli smell, but I think I prefer something more complicated :P) The perfum lasts quite long (for more than 5 hours) and would be suitable for the winter.

In the description it says: “A creation embroidered with the most beautiful “black” note in perfumery: Black Cherry, Black Rose, Patchouli, Smoked Tea. But sorry Guerlain, I only smell your Patchouli.


Will I buy a big bottle? I don’t think so 😛

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